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Ready to Hustle?

Back in January I joined the 30 Day Hustle. It’s a group of hard workers who are being intentional about working on their dreams – no matter what they are.

Each month new folks are invited to join. Are you ready to get to work? Sign up at Jon Acuff’s blog.

It’s an awesome group of hustlers who are there to encourage you on your journey.

Seriously, do it.


Stirring Up Trouble

I have to admit I like to stir the pot. (Shocker I know.)

I like to argue and I like to be challenged. I often learn new things and new perspectives when people join in the conversation.

But I want to apologize. I don’t mean to offend anyone and I’m not trying to be insensitive.

I hope you have a great day!

A Great Book on Love

Recently, I went through a ton of books (and scored $100 in Bookman’s credit!) and stumbled across an old copy of The Five Love Languages. I had heard about the book shortly after we got married and probably stole my copy from my mom at some point, but I had never actually read through it. I knew the idea, but I thought it would be good to read through the whole book before trying to get some credit for it.

I was pleasantly surprised. Even though I already knew what the five love languages were, I learned a lot from reading through the descriptions for each one.


The 5 languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Act of Service
  5. Physical Touch

The premise is that each person feels loved in different ways. Some of us feel the most loved when our spouse compliments us or praises us verbally. Some of us need some quality one on one time just talking with no distractions. Others feel loved when we receive gifts (they don’t necessarily have to cost money), some prefer when others do things for them to help out around the house. And lastly, some people need physical touch to feel loved (and we’re not just talking about sex).┬áThere are lots of variations on how we might feel loved, but we all fit into one of the 5 languages or maybe even more than one.

I feel so blessed to have married my best friend and I am thankful that we are pretty good about communicating – the good and the bad. However we are far from perfect and I thought this book is right on. Even when I am trying to do things to show Damien that I love him, if I’m not hitting on his primary love language, he may not be feeling as loved as I might think. In the same respect, Damien is amazing and does tons of things for me, but if he doesn’t connect with my love language, I might feel like something is missing.

The book shares several stories of real couples who were able to overcome terrible times in their marriage because they reevaluated how they were loving each other. I am so thankful that even after almost 10 years we have a great marriage, but everyone can improve and grow. I’m excited to put these ideas into practice and be that much closer to my best friend.

On another note, Dr. Chapman talks about our kids and their love languages. Kids have a distinct love language too and if we don’t hit on it as parents, we may be loving our kids, but they might not be getting the message! I love thinking about how my boys can best be loved and we can start now trying to figure out what things will communicate our love most effectively.

The 5 Love Languages website has a quick test that helps you determine what your love language is and even helps you identify that of your kids. It may not necessarily be easy to love your spouse or kids in their love language – especially if it’s not yours – but you will surely make a lasting difference in those relationships if you try.

Reading through 2013

I’ve been trying to read more in general and my friend Jessica at The Quirky Bookworm has been a huge inspiration.

She is hosting a Classics Catch-Up Challenge. Seeing as I’ve only read one book (maybe 2, I can’t remember) on her list, I thought I’d join. You can join the challenge too! Head on over to The Quirky Bookworm and see what it’s all about. The first book is Anna Karenina.

Classics Challenge

Guest Post at Quirky Bookworm

So, my awesome friend Jessica is the brains behind Quirky Bookworm: The literary adventures of a sorta blonde mom.

I started reading her blog awhile ago and it has gotten me back into reading. I’ve always loved to read, but as an adult I’ve really let it slide. Other things (mostly tv) seemed to take priority. After reading all of her great reviews, her passion gave me the reading itch again. I’m currently reading books all about childbirth as little man #2 is coming in a little over 4 weeks from now, but I thoroughly enjoy some lighter reading.

I reviewed Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for Quirky Bookworm. Be sure to go check it out!

Farewell to a Friend

After more than 2 years of struggling with Samus’ megaesophagus, we are having to put her down.

Megaesophagus keeps her esophagus muscles from being able to swallow all of her food. After eating or running around a bunch she just regurgitates everything. Being so sick has made her lose almost 10 pounds and just won’t let her put it back on. Because of the mess she makes, she has to spend the majority of her day outside which inherently causes her to get worse because she eats all sorts of sticks and anything else she can find. She used to do better if we kept her inside and always made her sit up after she ate. In the last 6-8 months, nothing we do helps. She just seems to be sicker and sicker.

On top of it all, she has an eye condition that is making her go blind. Being outside aggravates that too, but there’s not a lot we can do.

It will be heartbreaking to say goodbye to our pup. She is an amazing dog and we love her tons. This is just the best for her and us. Our vet agrees that there is nothing else we can do.

We could really use your support and prayers over the next few weeks. The appointment is the 26th of July. She would have been 6 next month.

A New Year

2012 is already here. I fondly remember the whole Y2K hysteria and have a hard time believing that it was 12 years ago!

In the past year our family has grown from 2 to 3 (oh and the mangy dog too ;)). Actually, for the entire year of 2011, I was a new parent. First preggo and then Caleb arrived in April. I learned a lot in 2011 and now I’d like to look forward to the new year. I’m not a huge fan of crazy resolutions, but I love the idea of reevaluating life and reflecting on what’s working and what needs to change.

It’s been on my list for a few years now, but my number one goal this year is to read my Bible more. Damien and I started a reading plan together and I know we can motivate each other to stay on track. We’d also love your encouragement and prayers to keep us on the right track.

Another oldie but goodie is health. I don’t want to resolve to lose x number of pounds, but I do want to get healthy. I’ve started training for a 10k and I’m still working out with the awesome Stroller Stride’s mommas and I love how I’m starting to feel. Technically the number on the scale hasn’t moved that much, but I’m ok with that. I am really interested in helping my body work the way God made it to. I am a HUGE fan of food, so my biggest health goal this year is to have some self control and make smart choices. Now that I’m a mom I am determined to help my son (and future kiddos) have a healthy relationship with food.

We’re also looking to expand our family in 2012 so pray for that too!

Thank you to all our friends and family who have been such a support to me. I had no idea how much encouragement I would need and I am so blessed by all of your kind words and prayers. Here’s to a new year and a new adventure.