When You Don’t Listen

It’s hard to share stories when they are about failure and pain. It’s easy to share when they are victories and stories of hope. But the hard ones need to be shared too. 

God has always been present through the course of our lives. I can look at all sorts of examples where God helped us. And where we trusted Him to give us wisdom in different situations. And now I am living an example of where we ignored God’s prompting and we are suffering the consequences. There’s no right choice and we’re not being punished. We’re just facing the reality of a bad decision that was completely avoidable had we listened. 

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about the puppy. He’s adorable. And sweet. And funny. And a puppy. 

We have come to the regretful decision that we are not the best home for him – or any dog really.  I almost feel ashamed writing that. We made a decision and a commitment. And it feels like a failure to not be able to live up to that. But I am willing to look like a failure to protect the sanity of my family. However loved an animal is, people come first. And for us, that means no dog. 

Thankfully, the breeder is awesome and is going to rehome him for us. And he’s still so young, I don’t imagine they’ll have any trouble. He is an excellent dog, we are the ones with the problem. 

I didn’t write this post just to share our failure from a human, pet loving standpoint. This post is about trusting God. 

While we were deciding together whether the dog was a good fit, we prayed for wisdom. And God gave it. But we were so excited and he was just so cute, we twisted the circumstances to make them look like it fit what God answered. And now we have a mess to clean up. Instead of being disappointed myself about a month ago (when the boys had no idea we were considering a dog), we are having to face our own disappointments and manage the grief of two very heartbroken boys. The easy answer is to keep the dog. But we are faced with the reality that keeping him would be worse for our family than not. 

And it’s my fault. Well, our fault, but I’m the one writing. 

God gave us the answer we asked him to give. And we ignored it because we thought we knew better or could handle it anyway. Big C is likely going to remember this forever. And that breaks our heart. But we will use this opportunity to teach the boys how to handle grief and sorrow, how to enjoy good memories and they will see that even when it’s sad, mom and dad choose them over an animal. 

We would love your prayers for healing for the boys. We’ll all be ok, but it’ll be sad here for awhile. I just wish the consequences for my actions didn’t mean sorrow for my kids. Trust God. He is faithful. He is still faithful even when we ignore him. 

Trust in the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever. 


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