2016 is Here!

It’s 2016. Somehow, I never got around to writing down goals last year and I really want to put some things down on virtual paper this year. I know that writing it down can play a huge role in helping me accomplish things, so here goes.

1. I want to be more intentional about spending time reading the Bible. The more time I spend reading about what God has done, the less I think about myself, the more I think about serving others and the better shape my heart is in. Another part to this goal is creating a habit and love of the Bible in the boys. So far, I haven’t done anything overly intentional with them. We read a children’s Bible occasionally, but nothing much. Here’s what I’d like to focus on this year:

A. Listen to a portion of the Bible every morning. I’m going to grab one of our favorite children’s Bibles on Audible and play it over a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen in the mornings. Talk about starting the day off right for all of us!

B. Continue my prayer journal. I read and completed Beth Moore’s Whispers of Hope prayer devotional last year and it was awesome! Since then, I’ve been following the same format, but writing in a little cashier’s notebook and I love it.

C. Read the Bible more. We ordered a copy of the Bibliotheca project and I am SO excited to get it. It’ll be awhile and I don’t want waiting for it to be an excuse not to read now, but seriously, I can’t wait for it to arrive!!


2. Focus on giving and others. I fall into the trap of wanting more stuff all too often. And I hate the clutter and the attitude that comes with it. This year I want to focus on giving even when I don’t want. Especially when I don’t want to. I need an intentional reminder to stop thinking about myself and to look for ways that I can serve others.

3. Complete our Emergency Fund. Money seems to have a mind of it’s own. Or maybe, take control of our minds a little too easily. Working for Ramsey Solutions has definitely not made us immune to struggling to keep our budget in order. Completing our EF seems to continually get put on the back burner. So this year I’d like to change that. I’m going to put a real goal to it. I’d like to be done with our EF by July! 6 months of buckling down and getting gazelle intense will be so worth it.

4. Make healthy choices around food and exercise. I know what needs to be done, I just need to do it. My goal is to make decisions intentionally. And I’m excited to have my foot back. I have a little more time to be careful, but I am mostly free to do whatever I’d like. Now to figure out what exactly that is!


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