No Dairy for Little One

So, I feel a little silly. How could I not have noticed?

This week we figured out that Little C has an issue with dairy. I don’t know if it’s an allergy or a sensitivity or what, but since we intentionally cut it out, he’s had the first ‘normal’ poop of his life. And he seems way happier. And I think he’s sleeping better. And all of that makes me feel at least a little terrible that we didn’t figure it out way sooner.

He has always been a weird eater. We delayed foods until almost 8 months (thanks to a cross country move) and so he never was a fan of purees. We gave him bits and pieces of anything we could think of and he’d take some, but most of the time he wouldn’t even put it in his mouth. For awhile he’d eat some baby food, but he demanded that he hold the spoon. Which we let him do, but it did not exactly lead to him consuming much. Through it all, the one food he managed to actually get in his mouth pretty well and he consistently liked from day to day was yogurt.

Since he is still primarily breastfed and barely eats much, I was never too concerned that his poop remained pretty runny. (Sorry, but what else are we parents supposed to talk about?) In the last few months I have been thinking more and more that he should be having more solid poop, but I was not concerned about it. Until this past two weeks.

While we were visiting family in AZ, Little One ate more yogurt than he previously had at any one time. And he had several servings a day. I figured – Hey! He’s eating – but man, was that a problem. His poop turned completely white and he went several times a day. I’m not a huge worrier, but when we googled it things like liver/bile duct blockage and Celiac’s disease and other fun things came up. I also saw that it could be from drinking too much milk. I figured he didn’t really drink milk. And then I remembered the yogurt.

Since then we have cut out all dairy for him and he is doing so much better! I can’t believe it took us this long to figure it out, but I’m also so thankful to know now. I think he was having belly/gas issues and that seems to be better. He’s going more regularly and it’s solid and I’m hoping he’ll sleep a little better. We had a great night, but then we’ve been traveling so only time will tell. And someday we’ll actually night wean him. And I’ll tell you all about it.


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