Here’s to 2014!

It seems like each year goes even faster than the one before it.

In 2013, we:
-coordinated a Financial Peace University class
-applied and got a job with Dave Ramsey!
-packed up and moved 1500 miles across the country to Nashville, TN
-sold our first home
-left our friends and family for new adventures
-celebrated Big C’s 2nd birthday and Little C’s 1st birthday
-made new friends in a new city
-left our boys with a paid babysitter for the first time ever
-watched as God works in the lives of our friends

and a million other things.

This year has been amazing and really tough. We are continually amazed by how God is using us and giving us opportunities. It is still tough to be so far away, but this Christmas break was one of the best visits we’ve ever had. It was relaxing and peaceful and just nice to be with family and friends.

Some things I’m grateful for:
-Returning to Nashville after the holidays actually feels like coming home. We are still in a new place and learning to love all of its quirks, but it does feel like our home.
-Although it’s bittersweet, family time was great! The boys got to spend a bunch of time with all of our family and they did awesome. It has been especially awesome to watch my brothers be amazing uncles. They play with the boys, read to them, dote on them and just take care of them. I’m so impressed and so thankful.
-I got to get some much needed time away. I went grocery shopping, running, whatever. It was such a blessing.

I’m not sure why everyone says they have goals instead of resolutions (Aren’t they the same thing?), but I’m working on setting some realistic and achievable things to accomplish this year. Small steps lead to big changes. If I get my thoughts organized, I’ll post them.

May God work in your life and help you be the person He wants you to be.


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