Sleep is Happening

It’s been a few weeks, so I thought I would give an update on our sleep situation around here.


  • Little C can fall asleep without being nursed to sleep!
  • He is sleeping for 3-4 hour stretches and even longer.
  • We have made naps happen at more regular times and he is sleeping better as a result.


  • He still wakes up a few times at night – especially when we can’t get the temperature figured out for him.
  • Sometimes he fights to fall back to sleep and I can’t figure out what he needs to help him get settled.

Overall, sleeping is a lot better around here! Of course I’d love for it to be all night, but he’s still so little (just like big brother was), that I’m not too concerned if he still needs to nurse once or twice at night. We still plan on actually night weaning him, but for now we’re good. We night weaned Big C at 14 months and I’ll bet we’ll try with the little one right after Christmas.

Since one kid is getting better, naturally the other one needs a few issues!

Big C has been a practically perfect sleeper since we night weaned him at 14 months. Bedtime with very little fuss, sleeps all night, naps once each day. He’s a trooper.

About 2 months ago, he got really sick and super congested. He couldn’t breathe and it really upset him (naturally!). By around midnight he was just tossing and turning so we let him come in to our bed to see if that would help. What do you know? Our cuddly kiddo thought that was a super idea! And we didn’t mind. He came in, went right to sleep and all was well.

But that was 2 months ago.

And he still comes in to our room around 1 am.

Technically, we don’t mind which is why it’s been so long, but we don’t really want him to stay so we decided to finally man up and make him go back in his bed. We’ve had two very successful nights so far! Here’s to making new, healthier sleep habits.

The biggest thing I’ve learned through our sleep journey is to be content with where we are. People love to ask how babies are sleeping. Why is that? All babies are different. And all parents approach it differently. Among the million other things parents have to figure out, we have to somehow teach our little ones how to sleep. It’s not easy. Sometimes I think about how we could have done things differently. Sometimes I hear that we SHOULD have done things differently.

But you know what? We didn’t. Because we did what we felt was best. And as “problems” have arisen, we are working to find solutions. And we work from there.

If you have a little one, don’t compare! Do what works for your family. And if it’s not working seek solutions from all different places. There are a million and one ideas about how to help your baby sleep. Most importantly, trust your instincts.

If you are friends with a parent, don’t ask them how their kid is sleeping. Who cares? As a parent it always feels like a loaded question. Like somehow my answer could be wrong. Instead, ask them how their day is going. Or what their child is learning now. Or if they need help cleaning their kitchen. And maybe bring us coffee the next time you see us!


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2 responses to “Sleep is Happening

  • Valerie

    YES!! Learning to be content with where you and YOUR little one are at with sleep is the most important thing!
    I am planning on blogging about this a little bit before I go. I have finally learned some stuff about sleep, after baby #3! lol
    I’m glad you are feeling (mostly) peaceful about all of it. Well done, mama!

    • onetechmom

      Thank you! It’s been tough to not look around and compare too much. It always seems to make me upset about our situation. But in reality I AM happy with the choices we’ve made and there’s not much I would have been willing to do differently.

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