Little Minds

It never ceases to amaze me how smart these little people are.

The little one can follow all sorts of simple commands and I love asking him random things to see what he knows. And Big C is capable of full on negotiation with a side of manipulation. Facial expressions included.

It’s so easy to assume they are too little to be able to do much. Time and time again they surprise me with what they are ready to do. It’s hard to relinquish control of different parts of their lives and let them learn some independence. It’s especially hard to let them fail.

Too often I see people trying to keep their little (and not so little) ones from ever experiencing pain or defeat. I get it. And I know that I am pretty inexperienced in the world of parenting. But I know the value of failure or disappointment. Looking back in my life, I learned the most from the times things didn’t go my way. I had to learn to get back up and try again. Nothing gets accomplished without hard work and perseverance. And I think perseverance is learned. Letting my boys be frustrated and maybe even get hurt can teach them more than my words. I hope that I can help instill a good work ethic in my boys and that I can lead them by example too.


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