God Provides

After my last few posts, I had many friends reach out to encourage me and let me know I’m not alone. Thank you! I am so grateful and I covet your prayers.

I just wanted to share how awesome God has been.

From about 3 different, unrelated sources, I was recommended the book After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller and was even able to join a bible study group this week that uses the book. I’ve read the first few chapters and it has been great. It definitely hits on exactly how I’m feeling and I’m looking forward to reading the rest. On top of a great book, now I have a chance to meet some new friends (and get to know some new friends a little better). God’s timing never ceases to amaze me and I love how this particular book was recommended to me by so many different people.

The second thing causing the most stress has been the boys. They’ve been extra tough lately, but pretty much since I wrote that post, we’ve been doing a lot better. I know part of the change is my own attitude, but it’s also a tremendous blessing that the boys are giving me a nice little ‘break.’ Little C has been sleeping a bit better and been doing really well with Elimination Communication (more about that in another post soon). Big C has been less trying, more cooperative, and just plain more fun. It’s no coincidence that when I needed relief most, it came.

Friends. It’s tough to make friends! I’ve gotten to meet several awesome ladies and I’m so excited to get to know them better. Just when I have been most lonely, God brings someone into my life who I really click with. From a running buddy, to a fellow hippie, to anywhere in between.




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