A Life Update

So I’m a little behind, but hey, life goes on.

July 19th was the hubby and my 10th wedding anniversary! It has been an amazing ten years. We have had good times and bad, but God has been there for every step. I am excited to see what is in store for the next 10 and beyond.

The boys are both growing like weeds. Big C got a play kitchen for his birthday a few months ago and he couldn’t reach the microwave without his stool. Now he can reach it no problem and climb on top of the kitchen to get even higher. Little C is standing like a pro and he’s not even 10 months! He doesn’t take any steps, but he stands up constantly to play with things and see what we are doing. It’s amazing to see how different they are. Big C never got in to things and was content to play with the things we showed him and hang out near us. The little one? No way. He opens the cabinets, gets in the trash, climbs up the stairs!!!, and examines every wall outlet.

This evening he was playing peekaboo with Big C and daddy. He was standing around a corner and would peek out for them to say “boo” and then he would laugh, crawl away, and a few seconds later come back. It was so cute. Big C can have entire, real conversations. We went to the fair on Monday, but yesterday as we were hanging out he told me all about how he told dad “no,” but rode a horse anyway, how he pet a horse, saw a cow, heard the cow moo, was scared by the cow because it said moo, and saw a cow drinking milk. It is so cool (and sometimes frustrating) that he can actually communicate with us in full sentences.

We’ve been settling in here nicely. On weekends we often drive to new places just to check them out. Today we drove into Nashville to go to Bass Pro Shops and the Opry Land Mall. It was fun, but wow was it crowded! We were just window shopping today so we didn’t spend much time there. We’ll have to plan an actual trip to come see the Grand Ole Opry, but it was fun just driving around today. During the week, I have been running a ton so we go to the park and Big C gets to play on the playground when I’m done. It’s been great to keep exercising and it’s been so nice to kill a few hours in the morning. I’ve also been to Stroller Strides a few times. It’s fun, the workout is great, but it’s bittersweet. It’s just not the same without the ladies from Flagstaff.

Damien is LOVING his job! He has always been very upbeat, but the last few months at his old job were pretty draining for him. He did great, but I could tell he wasn’t really up for a lot after work, because he just didn’t have much left. After a month (it’s already been a month!) of being here, it’s totally different. He gets home way later, but still has energy to hang out.

Sometimes I really miss all our family and friends, and that will continue to be tough. Making new friends takes time and it’s not easy. But I’m so glad we’re here. This is the adventure God has for us and I know there will be great things in the future.

I almost forgot…. the house is SOLD! The realtor came and looked at the house Wednesday, he may have put it on MLS Thursday but I don’t think he had time, he called a realtor friend who he knew had clients looking in our price range, we dropped off the keys Friday night, the other realtor picked up the keys Saturday morning and 45 minutes later we had a full price offer! We officially closed the end of July and we are so thankful. God is good!


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