God is Good. Amazing, Really!

I just had to share how amazing God has been to us.

Over the course of the last few months his providence has been over every aspect of our move and in daily life, too. He has provided the finances exactly when we needed them. He has worked out all the details for our move, fixing up the house, and now selling the house. He has provided moments of peace when I was frustrated with the boys. He has given me family and friends to be there when I need.

C-17 Cockpit

C-17 Cockpit

And today he used Caleb to save Cole’s life. Seriously.

We had the amazing opportunity to tour an Air Force C-17 today. My cousin is a pilot and she invited us to go see the plane while she was in Nashville. While we were touring the plane, we all had earplugs. Those squishy foam ones that you shove in your ears. They kept falling out of the boys’ ears, but I kept trying to put them back in since it was so loud near the plane. When we finally walked away I took the 2 out of Caleb’s ears and found 1 of Cole’s. They had been dropping on the ground, so I looked around, didn’t see it and figured it had fallen out earlier. I checked around Cole’s collar too, but didn’t see anything.

We walked out to the car, I put Cole in his carseat and then stood by the car door so Caleb could give Susie (my cousin) a hug and we could take a picture. As Caleb was taking the picture and facing the car, he pointed up at Cole and said, “What’s that?” He’s been in a major “What’s that?” phase so I easily could have just responded and not looked. I had no real reason to look back at Cole. He was strapped in and safe. I would have just closed the door.

But Caleb said, “What’s that?”

I looked back at Cole and saw a flash of green in his mouth. The missing ear plug was in his mouth!

It happened so fast, I didn’t really think about how scary that was, but throughout the day I kept thinking about it. Those earplugs are big and just the right shape to get stuck in a little throat. I would have just hopped in the car and we had a drive to grab some lunch. I doubt I would have checked the little mirror I have for Cole and even if I had, how could I have helped?

That’s only one of a million stories that I could share, but I couldn’t let this one pass. I’d actually like to be more intentional about documenting specific things God has been doing. Be watching for more posts!


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