Phase One Complete

Well, it’s done. Our house and everything we own is totally packed up and headed across the country. Because the truck takes longer to travel than we would, I’m spending about a week with my family while Damien cleans the house and finishes up work. Then he’ll drive out his car, meet the moving truck, fly back and we’ll head out together. Thank goodness he likes to drive because that’s 48 hours worth of driving in 1 week!

1530 miles all on I-40. It’s going to be one loooonnnngggg drive. I have fun new books and toys for the boys and will be picking up some yummy snacks. We plan on making the trip in 3 days. It’ll just be nice to get there and start to settle into our new place. We’ve been in crazy  fixing, sorting, packing mode and we just need a chance to relax. This week with family will be really nice.

I do have to thank all of our friends and family who helped us with so much! We couldn’t have gotten everything done without your help.


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