Financial Peace University is Starting Soon!

After taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University last summer, we felt led to lead a class of our own and it’s starting soon. Taking FPU was a life changer. For the first time, we took the things we knew we should be doing, combined with a bunch of new things we learned, and actually DID them. The group setting and class structure helped to keep us accountable. We actually wrote out and followed a budget for the first time. We made the decision to sell a bunch of stuff in order to get out of debt. We are now working on building an emergency fund. It is a totally different experience when you know you have the money to pay your bills and handle life’s hiccups. Throughout our married lives, God has blessed us immensely and I’m disappointed to report that we wasted a lot of it. God calls us to be good stewards with everything he gives us and that definitely includes our money. Now we have hope, and more importantly, a plan. We still mess up and make bad decisions, but we aren’t spending money we don’t have. Cutting up and closing all our credit cards keeps us honest. We actually CAN’T spend money we don’t have. We are responsible for planning and saving for emergencies. February is the 9th month we’ve budgeted through and it’s still a process. We are way faster at it and have a much better idea of what we spend on things, but it still requires dedication. I’m most excited about teaching this class so we can get back some of the intensity we had while paying off debt to help us finish the emergency fund. I don’t need that *thing* now. I need to provide for my family. If you have the opportunity to take FPU, or just read The Total Money Makeover, it can change your future.

Our class starts in two weeks from today! For more information about classes in your area, check out the class finder on Dave’s site.



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