And We’re at it Again…

So… After all that we had a not so good third weight check this week. In the past week he has only gained one ounce! I’m not even sure how that happened. He eats constantly, and I definitely feel like there is more milk for him.

In general, I do pretty good about avoiding mommy guilt, but knowing that he’s not getting enough food is tough. He’s a pretty happy kid and I just need to focus on that, but it’s so easy to feel like a failure. I just want the best for him and currently, my body is not cooperating.

Over the next few days I need to focus on pumping and I think I’ll focus on having some more cuddle time with the little one. Let’s see if I can get him to nurse all day and boost my supply that way.

I would appreciate your prayers and encouragement! Thank you for supporting me, even just by reading.


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7 responses to “And We’re at it Again…

  • Valerie

    Well, you know how people have weeks in which they LOSE a fair amount of weight and then the next, they gain or stay the same even though they were still cutting calories and working out (think: Biggest Loser weigh-in!)? This doesn’t make sense to us, but it happens! I wonder if the same can be true of babies weightGAIN. After all that gain just before, maybe his body didn’t need to put on anymore last week. ❤ It's a scary thing to weigh in every week. Do you have to weigh him that often or could you maybe do it bi-weekly? I think as long as he is happy (not having long periods of hunger crying) and active/responsive, he's fine. If it becomes a pattern, I'd be concerned. Of course, as a mommy I get concerned long before I should too! 😉
    *HUGS* to you and tons of encouragement coming your way!!

    • onetechmom

      Thanks. We’re seeing the lactation consultant – she’s the one that wants to weigh him once a week. I think it’s pretty common to do once a week for babies. I wonder if you’re right too. He gained so much that first week maybe that caused the slow down. We actually go back on Saturday for a weight check so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

      • Valerie

        Oh, I see. That would just scare me to weigh every week – pressure and all! But if it’s needed, what can ya do? Try to relax as much as possible. ❤

  • Heather

    This is tough! So sorry to hear that you are under pressure to provide more – sometimes that stress can play into it, too. I’m glad he’s happy and content – that was our biggest sign to watch for with Evie and her eating issues. Given all of our circumstances, we chose not to ‘act’ unless her behaviors changed in certain ways. She was under the 1% for her birth weight until she was three, but after all sorts of tests, our dr determined that she was just tiny. She is 5 now and she is finally in the 8%. 🙂 I will be praying for peace for you all and some noticeable weight gain for little C.

    • onetechmom

      Thank you! I try not to stress too much – and pray a lot! The issue isn’t technically the percentile, it’s the slow/no weight gain. Caleb was less than 1% until after his first birthday but he still gained weight steadily. I’m just glad we’re figuring it out.

  • Bethany O'Brien

    Try a lot of skin to skin when he does nurse… it is supposed to help supply and milk flow

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