A New Fitness App/Website

I’ve been looking for any sort of fitness app that can help keep me accountable.

I was told about one called SlimKicker and it’s pretty neat. It’s a site that turns your food and fitness tracking into a game where you level up to get rewards. I love that it has a website interface because sometimes logging things on a mobile device is pretty obnoxious. The site is pretty new so there aren’t a ton of people, but it’s growing. And with the new year I bet it’d be easy to convince some of your friends to join too.



  • The site is free and so is the app.
  • Leveling up makes it more like a game and more likely that I’ll log things.
  • Challenges: You can join or even create challenges that anyone can do. If you complete them, you earn more points towards the next level.
  • Rewards: You set up a reward for yourself when you reach the next level. I also heard that at higher levels you can actually earn rewards from SlimKicker, but I had a hard time finding information about that. Level up and see!
  • I also really like how they break down your food goals. They show you each nutrient and how you stack up against your goals.
  • Friendly tips: SlimKicker uses your input to provide you tips on what you’re eating or how much exercise you get.


  • No Android app yet 😦 – I guess my iPad and computer will have to do.
  • The food and exercise database need some work, but I believe they are adding foods and you can add your own foods too.
  • It’s still a new site, so there aren’t a ton of people yet, but you can always invite your friends!


I really like the concept of turning logging food and exercise into a game. I’d love to see a larger food database and even some integration with fitness apps like RunKeeper or any of the slew of apps that track exercise.


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One response to “A New Fitness App/Website

  • Valerie

    Someone else mentioned this one to me recently. It’ll take off soon, it seems, once word gets around. Glad you like it!! I am still on sparkpeople.com 😀 I’m a devoted Sparker! 😉
    Good luck with all your goals.

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