The Best Fashion Accessory – Babywearing

Shortly after big C’s arrival, I quickly became a babywearing fan. I used a Moby wrap when he was a newborn and loved it. I tied him on at stores, for hikes, and just for comfort around the house. When he was upset, it was the easiest way to calm him down and help him fall asleep. Not only was it so peaceful for him, but wearing him allowed me to have my hands free to do other things.

As he got a little older, tying the Moby on became a little cumbersome and not very convenient. The stretchy material also made it hard to keep him adjusted properly. I learned about ring slings which just drape over one shoulder and are quick and easy to adjust. I was able to find one cheap on Craigslist and it has been awesome. I could carry him so easily and the ring sling made it so convenient to go out and about. 

I also have a Boba carrier which I love. It is more structured and lets me carry him on my front or back. He had to be a little bigger before I could use it, but the newer models work with newborns. The Boba is my favorite for hiking or longer trips because it distributes the weight so evenly on my back. I can wear him for what feels like forever and not be sore. After really long periods of time, the ring sling can make your shoulder hurt since you carry on only one side.

I’ve been looking for a new ring sling since mine was older and it was boring. I stumbled upon a company called Rockin Baby slings. Not only do they make gorgeous slings, but for each one purchased, they give a sling to a mom in Haiti. They are currently in Haiti right now doing their second sling drop off. They work with various Christian organizations to find moms (or dads or even siblings) who could benefit from a sling.Image

I love that they don’t just go drop off the slings, but they actually teach the recipients the benefits of the sling and wearing their babies, but they also teach them how to use the slings. The slings provide the parents with the ability to keep their babies close and still be able to work. I just got my new sling in the mail and it is beautiful! The fabric is gorgeous and it is so well made. I’m so excited to have a new sling and to know that I’m helping out another parent in need.



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