7 Weeks

Our little man is already 7 weeks old. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s gone. Having two kids hasn’t been nearly as tough as I had imagined. Most of my expectations turned out totally differently.

Having a newborn has been so much less stressful the second time. It’s easy to just enjoy him and big brother. Life is crazy, but it’s not overwhelming. I remember feeling constantly overwhelmed the first time. Everything was so new, nursing hurt like crazy, and I was pretty sure we would break him. I never felt like I knew what I was doing and I was always second guessing myself. Thankfully, in the past year and a half I’ve learned to trust my instincts and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself. God has really helped me through my biggest fears and struggles. Without turning to him, I don’t know how I would be able to overcome some of the fears that come with parenting.

The biggest challenge with two seems to be logistics. How do I accomplish the same things I used to? Feeding two kids, changing two diapers, getting two kids dressed, packing two kids into the car. It’s quite the challenge. It can be tough to divide my attention. It seems they have an uncanny ability to both need me at exactly the same time. It’s hard to let one cry while I deal with the other one, but there’s no other solution. It’s not for very long and big brother is great at trying to help entertain little C.

Little C has finally started having longer awake periods – and more importantly stretches of time where he’s not just eating, but happy and just looking around. It is fun to get to know him and start to learn about his personality, but it is even better to watch him interact with his brother. Big C loves to go lay down right next to him or pat his belly, hold his hand, or give him a kiss. The best is when little brother actually pays attention to him. On several occasions, he will even stop crying if big brother comes over. It is amazing to watch them together and I can’t wait until they can really play together.

Big C is so much fun. I think this age has to be my favorite so far. He is learning a million words a day and he is so funny. He loves to joke and be silly and he loves his little brother. He finally likes (will actually let us) read to him and his bedtime stories have become a favorite. He knows the names of the main characters of each one and will ask for them by name. During the day he will go pick out a book and ‘read’ it aloud. He just babbles for each page and generally inserts real words when he sees something in a picture that he recognizes. He is also obsessed with disc golf and loves the kid sized basket and discs we got for him. He can actually throw them pretty well too.

I love watching him with Damien. That boy loves his dad! He copies everything dad does – even how he is sitting or standing. He yells every time dad gets home, and asks for him first thing every morning. I am so thankful for a husband who is so active in our kids’ lives. He loves to play and wrestle with big C and he also is great at giving him a bath and reading him bedtime stories. He willingly changes little C’s diapers and makes sure he holds him when he can (meaning when he’s not attached to me). He is great about taking the boys if I need a break and he understands when things aren’t done around the house. I couldn’t dream of a better partner to raise our kids or a better example for our boys to emulate.


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