Great Deals for the Holidays

I’m a huge cheapskate. I try to find a good deal whenever I can. In my travels, I’ve found a bunch of good places to find some discounts. The links are all referral codes, but with most of the companies you get a credit too!



I’ve talked about Ting before, but by switching to them from Verizon we are saving $100/month! Ting runs on Sprint’s service and they just charge you a small fee for exactly what you use. No more crazy overages and no more paying for minutes you don’t use! If you use a crazy amount of minutes, texts, or data it may not be for you, but if you just use an average amount of each you will save tons. If you use my link you get $25 off your first device.

Dollar Shave Club

These guys are a little eccentric, but you get really good quality razors for $6 a month. The handle is free and you get 4 blades each month. If you don’t need them that often you can sign up to receive shipments every other month. Damien and I split the cartridges and just get it every other month. No more $12 razors! They actually work well, too.


Plum District

These guys always have great voucher deals. Spend $15 to get $30 and so on. They have vouchers to all the time and ecomom is a great place to get baby food or any sort of ‘hippie’ toiletries you might need.


Another voucher/deal site that also features good companies from time to time.


Zulily offers tons of products at a pretty good discount. Generally, the best time to order is if you have credit. It’s always smart to price check Amazon before ordering, but they often have organic clothing, great toys, and all sorts of things. I got my Boba baby carrier here and I’ve never seen it that cheap anywhere else.
The Honest Company

For December only if you sign up you get a $10 credit! Their disposable diapers are chemical free and their products are made with great ingredients. I really like their diaper cream(cloth safe) and their laundry soap and the diapers worked great when we were on a short break from cloth.The-Honest-Company

The Steal Network,, and feature 2 daily deals at huge discounts. If you’re patient, just about any baby item you need will pop up. Just be careful, you don’t need everything!

Baby Half Off

Same concept as BabySteals, but only one deal a day. The best part? They are located in Mesa. Local pickup is free and shipping in the state is super cheap!

The Best Resource:

Baby Cheapskate – website and Facebook page. She has awesome lists of ‘Toys that Get Played With‘ and Buy It Now prices for the hottest toys. Don’t buy anything for baby before checking Baby Cheapskate out!


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