Engineering Toys for Girls

I’ve always been fascinated by engineering. I have seriously considered going back to school and getting a second Bachelor’s in engineering. LEGO’s are just about the coolest toys I had as a kid and it never bothered me that there weren’t any ‘girl specific’ sets, but maybe that’s because I had brothers so Lego’s were cool because they had them. I do remember having one of the girly sets (that quickly was discontinued) and I did really like it. However, I realize that some girls aren’t into Lego’s. GoldieBlox

A few weeks ago I saw this Kickstarter project and was floored. GoldieBlox are made just for girls and they look awesome! I don’t have a girl of my own, but teaching middle school I noticed how many girls are turned off by math and science and it’s tough to get them interested. GoldieBlox is for ages 5-9 and what a great way to develop your daughter’s (or niece’s or friend’s, etc) interest in engineering. Each set comes with a story with problems to solve and then the board and pieces to make it happen. Books 2 and 3 are already funded also. I love the mixture of the story with the problem solving. I think that’s a great way to get girls interested. The set is scheduled to be available in April of next year, but you can preorder them now.

I may not have a girl, but I’m tempted to get a set for myself! At the very least, I’ll be looking for a girl who needs them so I can help support GoldieBlox. It would be awesome to see them in stores.


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