The First Week

Little C is a week old! It’s amazing how he has fit right into our family, but at the same time I look at him and just can’t believe he’s really here.

Overall, things are going really well. Big C really likes his little brother and asks to hold him, rubs his head, brings him toys, and laughs hysterically anytime he makes a noise or a funny face. It is amazing to watch them together and I can’t wait until Little C can actually interact. Big C has been doing much better about sharing his milk. We have just been telling him that it’s Little C’s turn for breakfast/lunch/dinner and he seems to take that better. Big C is SUPER food centric and he understands the difference between his breakfast and mom’s breakfast (or I’d never get to eat!). When Little C cries I ask Big C, “What do you think he needs?” and he signs milk. I don’t think he cried when I fed him at all today.

There are other times that are tough though. I’ve noticed that Big C is a little clingier especially if he’s tired. He asks to be held when I’ve been holding little brother for too long. I can’t say he ever asked to be held before. He always giggles and tries to run away when we ‘trap’ him to give him hugs.

I’m also on sensory overload. I’m a pretty touchy-feely person, but when a newborn is nursing constantly and a toddler wants you for every other second, it’s a little much. Thankfully, Damien is awesome about trying to give me breaks when he can. I am so thankful that he gets to stay home for 5 weeks (I know!!), but him going back to work is going to be a rude awakening. I definitely need to take advantage of as many breaks as possible.

Friends have been bringing us meals this week and it is a huge blessing. We are so thankful to not have to worry about making dinner! It’s also really nice to get to see people for a few minutes since we don’t exactly get out much. Thank you to everyone!


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