Little Brother is Here!

Little man #2 officially joined us early Saturday morning! It is unbelievable, but so exciting that we now have two little ones.

We got home from the hospital Sunday afternoon and we are all learning to be a family of 4 instead of a family of 3. While we were in the hospital my parents came up to take care of big brother. What a blessing, and what a great experience for all of them. He slept well and got to be doted on. Big C (I guess we’ll have Big C and Little C) got to meet his new brother in the hospital and he really likes him. He loves to touch his hat and his nose, and his ears. He is doing a great job being gentle and helping out.

Damien and I are figuring out how to do the whole newborn thing again. Just a few hours of sleep, tiny little diapers, and a big brother to take care of. Surprisingly, Little C didn’t wake up his brother during the night. I was expecting to have to deal with both of them during the night, but we didn’t. Hopefully, that continues! Thankfully, nursing this time around has been a piece of cake. Little C has a great latch and I am able to be really relaxed about it since I’m an old pro. I had been hoping that continuing to nurse Big C would make it easy and so far it has. The only issue that I can see is that my body is going to think it needs enough milk for an army! Big C has been making due with a tiny amount of milk for the last few weeks, but now he has an endless buffet, which will only make my body make more.

Big C has also been a little jealous anytime I feed his brother. He’s sure all the milk is his! He’s already doing better, but it’s a big adjustment for him. I’m hoping everything works out. I could always wean big brother, but I don’t want to if I don’t have to. If he wants to continue, I’d love for him to. Wish us luck over the next few days. It’s tough knowing the best way to handle it for all of us.

It’s only been a few days, but it’s fun. Our lives have totally changed again and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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3 responses to “Little Brother is Here!

  • Valerie

    Congratulations!! Big C, little C – so cute! I’m glad that breastfeeding is going well. And LOL that big C is thinking it’s buffet time! How old is he? I’m sure the jealousy over b/f’ing won’t last long. He’s adjusting to a lot of wonderful changes. 🙂 Enjoy the newborn days!

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