Soon There Will be Two…

I’m excited to be a parent of two. I still have all of the “What were we thinking? How are we going to handle 2?” questions running through my head, but I’m excited. Being a parent over the last 17 months has been amazing. Not only have we gotten to know this amazing little person and love him more than we thought possible, but Damien and I have grown in ways I didn’t know we would. Even after 8 years of marriage before kids and over 9 now, we have so much to learn about each other. It hasn’t always been perfect, but it has been amazing to watch Damien be the most amazing dad ever and to see him love and play with our son. I can’t wait for that to be sons.

On the other hand, I have this weird anxiety for little C. No longer will he be the only one. He won’t get 100% of mom and dad’s attention. He is going to have his world interrupted by another little man who cries and doesn’t sleep and steals a lot of his momma’s time. And he has absolutely no idea it’s going to happen in the next few weeks!

Even though his little world is going to be turned upside down, I can’t wait for him to meet his little brother. He loves babies and I know he is going to love this new little guy. I just keep focusing on him now and enjoying the time we have as just us at home. I know it will be a great transition and he really has no idea what’s going on, but there’s just a little piece of me that feels bad for his only child status. I guess some extra hugs over the next few weeks will have to do!


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2 responses to “Soon There Will be Two…

  • Heather

    This was my concern for Evie, too. Evie was almost 3 when Jackson was born and she was the only child on both sides of our family – spoiled with 100% attention! She, too, loved babies and did a pretty great job with the huge transition. But you’re right… you just have to be a little more intentional about the focus and attention you ARE able to give C. What’s interesting is that I soon found that I struggled more with the fact that Jackson was not getting the same attention that I had been able to give Evie for the first 3 years of her life. I still feel like I’m trying to catch up with him and give him the same amount of ‘mommy-jackson’ time as i had with ‘mommy-evie’ time. 🙂 I’ll be praying for C’s transition to big brother status!

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