Growing Up

The last several weeks have just flown by. Having a toddler makes time go by pretty quick, but having a toddler and being pregnant seems to make life go even faster. As of today, I’m 37 weeks. That number just seems completely impossible. Where have the last 37 weeks gone?!

As the time is creeping up on us, we’re trying to get everything finalized and one of those things is C’s big boy room. We are slight procrastinators (ha!) so we just finished up his room this weekend. We’ve been debating how much change we should throw at the little guy all at once, and so we thought we’d try out the first night in the new room as the first night in the toddler bed too. Starting now gives us 3 weeks or so to work out any kinks, so we went for it.

Well…. last night was a flop. The biggest bummer is I’m pretty sure it didn’t really have anything to do with the room or bed. Without really thinking about it we tried to move him on a night where he had napped really late and probably wasn’t even tired for hours after the normal bedtime. On top of that he is teething really bad and we could tell he just wasn’t settling down. He went down pretty normally in the toddler bed, but an hour or so later when we went to bed, he was still awake and us walking by upset him. After trying to settle him down for awhile we moved him back to the crib, but even then we had to do some extra cuddling (which I don’t mind at all) to get him to actually go to sleep. I think the poor guy’s mouth was just killing him. He’s still sleeping peacefully this morning, so we’ll try again at nap time and see what happens.

Wish us luck as we try to help little man grow up way to fast.


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