IPad2 vs Nexus 7

I realized that I haven’t posted anything technology related in pretty much forever. I started blogging at least partially to share some of my tech nerdiness.

I love learning about new technology and we got an awesome tablet so I thought I would share (but I still love technology). We (I) have had an iPad2 since they came out and hubby just recently sold off his original iPad in order to purchase Google’s new Nexus 7. Here’s a comparison of the two.

Screen Size:

The iPad is a 10″ screen while the Nexus is sporting a 7″ screen. I use my iPad as a computer replacement because I generally don’t need anything other than the Internet and email. I’m even typing this post (and I mean typing, not using my thumbs or anything) on my iPad now. Because of this, the 10″ makes a big difference. There is no way I could type other than a distorted version of phone typing on the Nexus. If I only used the tablet part time or was on a computer for work or other times, the screen size wouldn’t matter. I’d just type long things on the computer. 

Browsing on the Nexus is great and the screen difference isn’t a huge deal – just the keyboard size issue for me. The advantage of a smaller size is the Nexus is much easier to read with in one hand and it actually fits in most of my husband’s pockets!


Technically, the iPad has 2 cameras, but the rear facing one is awful! It’s fine to Skype and show the room around you, but it is absolutely worthless as a still camera (which doesn’t matter since who on earth wants to hold up a giant tablet to take a picture?). The Nexus only has the forward facing camera, but this is fine. Most Skype-ing is done forward facing and it works great. Overall, I consider the two machines equivalent on this front.


The iPad obviously has access to the iTunes store and the gazillions of apps made for Apple. Most popular apps have been modified to fit the iPad full screen and you have the same set of apps that you would on an iPhone. If you have already purchased apps for your phone or iPod, you don’t have to purchase them again.
The Nexus has access to the Google Play store. At this point, every app I can think of has both an iOS and Android version. There may be small differences, but I don’t see any reason for this to be an issue. An inexperienced user probably won’t even notice they are using a different market unless some very specific, beloved app is unavailable.

Overall Usability:

This basically an iOS vs Android issue.
iOS is generally an ‘easier’ platform with most things locked down tight and apps that are all approved and have similar looks and feel. For inexperienced users or non-techies, iOS may be easier to use, especially if you already have an iPhone or iPod touch.

Android is a more customizable operating system that lets you change more settings and offers more freedom to install custom apps that aren’t necessarily approved by Google. More experienced users and techies often like the freedom allowed by Android.


The two machines run on different processors and somebody might try to say that the Nexus has this fancy schmancy whatever, but ultimately both are pretty much the same for performance. They are both quick and load apps right away.


We have the wifi only, 16gb iPad so it was $499 (the cheapest option).
The Nexus 7 is 8gb for $199.
Both can be upgraded for more money, but honestly we have no need for more. We barely use any of the storage (it’s not like we listen to music on the tablet, we have phones for that). Also, most places like coffee shops or whatever have free wifi so there’s basically no need to pay for 3G service.

In the end, the iPad is perfect for me and was worth the extra money since we bought it instead of buying a laptop and the Nexus is perfect for my husband since he uses a computer all day for business and just lightly browses or reads on his tablet.

***A side note: there are a ton of Android tablets out there and most of them are pretty terrible! If you are trying to stay away from an iPad, stick with a name brand. I would easily say the Nexus 7 is the best Android tablet available. The only other acceptable options in my opinion are the Kindle fire, the Nook color, or one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs.


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