Farewell to a Friend

After more than 2 years of struggling with Samus’ megaesophagus, we are having to put her down.

Megaesophagus keeps her esophagus muscles from being able to swallow all of her food. After eating or running around a bunch she just regurgitates everything. Being so sick has made her lose almost 10 pounds and just won’t let her put it back on. Because of the mess she makes, she has to spend the majority of her day outside which inherently causes her to get worse because she eats all sorts of sticks and anything else she can find. She used to do better if we kept her inside and always made her sit up after she ate. In the last 6-8 months, nothing we do helps. She just seems to be sicker and sicker.

On top of it all, she has an eye condition that is making her go blind. Being outside aggravates that too, but there’s not a lot we can do.

It will be heartbreaking to say goodbye to our pup. She is an amazing dog and we love her tons. This is just the best for her and us. Our vet agrees that there is nothing else we can do.

We could really use your support and prayers over the next few weeks. The appointment is the 26th of July. She would have been 6 next month.


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