Night Weaning Nights 8 and Beyond

Wed Night – Night 8:

Caleb went to sleep at 9 with almost no complaining. We turned on a night light and I think it’s helping his resistance to falling asleep. I don’t think he’s necessarily scared of the dark, but I try to keep it so dark in there because the morning sun is ridiculous in his room. I think it’s just so dark he’s not sure where he is. With a little more light he can see his room and everything that’s familiar to him.

He woke up at 10:59 (I don’t know how he does it) so I topped him off and he slept until 7, when I had to wake him up so we could make it to an appointment. We made it past the dreaded 5-5:30 wake up we’ve been getting! I don’t know if it’s a fluke or not, but we haven’t gotten this many good nights so close together in a REALLY long time. I think it’s working!

Thurs Night – Night 9:

This is technically the official end to the program, but I’m pretty sure we’ll still have good and bad nights. At least the bad nights are a thousand times better than they used to be.

C went to sleep about 9. He woke up at midnight and 3 but didn’t require too much consoling and then he woke up at 7:15.

Wrap Up:

I’m not really sure what night we’re on at this point, but I would say we have definitely night weaned him. Are we completely successful every single night, no. But overall, he is not nursing at night. The past few days he has had a killer cold, so we let him have a little milk one of the nights, but we made sure to lay him down awake and then help him to sleep without me. Then we had a night where he was awake from 2-4am! He just couldn’t get comfy because of his stuffy nose. And now he is sleeping as I type at 8am!

I am almost thankful that he got sick just so we could see that it’s no big deal if there is a hiccup or two along the way. It wasn’t the end of the world when I nursed him during that 11pm-6am time period because he was sick, and we just followed the same rules as when he could have small amounts. The next night we just went right back to no milk. There was a little transition, but no big deal and I don’t feel like I was holding out on my poor sickling.

The other big deal is sleep! He still wakes up sometimes, but I think it’s safe to say that he has never slept this well, this many nights in a row (or this close together). Getting sick didn’t help, but he is still sleeping longer than he ever did before. I am so thankful we finally committed and did it. There have been a couple of terrible nights – worse than any other in his little existence – but it has been so worth it!

Other Resources:

If you want to read another person’s experience with night weaning, Jessica at The Leaky B@@b tells her story here. She is also an incredible source of amazing breastfeeding help and support.

We followed Dr. Jay Gordon’s plan and you can find that here.

The rest of my story begins here, and follows up with part 2, and 3.


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