Night Weaning Nights 4-7

The second set of three nights still focuses on the same 7 hour stretch from 11pm-6am, but now I can’t nurse him at all during that time. We can cuddle and rock him and do whatever we want, but no milk.

Sat Night – Night 4:

Caleb took awhile to fall asleep, but then he slept until 4am. Damien changed his diaper and then tried to put him back to sleep. I was ready for a big fight, but C barely complained that there was no milk to be had. The catch? He wasn’t tired! I know that if I had fed him he probably would have gone right back to sleep, but that wasn’t an option.

We spent from 4-5:30 going back and forth to pat his back and try to get him to sleep. He wasn’t mad that he wasn’t being nursed because even I could console him, but he just wouldn’t go to sleep. At 5:30, we just brought him to bed with us and I was able to cuddle with him and get him to fall asleep in about 5 minutes. Overall, it was a success and I didn’t have to nurse him, but I am a little worried about having him come to bed with us every morning. I don’t want to make that a habit either!

Sun Night – Night 5:

He went down pretty easily at 9pm. We have really been struggling with a bed time for him. He used to go down at 7 like clockwork, but in the last few months we’ve been trying between 8 and 9 because he wasn’t tired at 7 anymore. I think 9 it is, because if we try any earlier it takes until 9 to get him to actually fall asleep.

He ‘woke up’ at 10 and I nursed him and then he stirred again at 11 and 12, but no milk. He was a little fussy at 11, but I think he was just hot. It was pretty miserable in the house last night. After 12, he slept until 9am! He hasn’t slept through Damien leaving between 5:30 and 6:30 in a really long time. He usually goes back to sleep with me until 8 or 8:30, but it was so glorious this morning! The funny part is that it is utterly terrifying to wake up before him especially when it’s that late in the morning. I’m always sure something is wrong with him. Thankfully, I could hear him make a noise every once in a while so I didn’t worry too much.

I think it’s working and we haven’t even had to try that hard! Over the long haul, I think we’ll have some rough nights, but he has been pretty easy to keep from nursing. I have to say that I’m stunned. I thought he would fight tooth and nail. I’m glad I’m wrong.

Mon Night – Night 6:

To be honest I don’t remember exactly. I believe he slept until 2, went back to sleep with little or no issue, and then woke up at 6, came to bed with me, nursed and slept until 8.

Tues Night – Night 7:

He went down around 9, wanted a snack at 10:50 (I think the kid has an internal clock or something) and then woke up at 1am. He was a little fussy, but not too bad. Again, I think our biggest issue is that without the milk he struggles to go to sleep. He doesn’t complain, he just doesn’t fall asleep either. Damien and I traded off and he was back asleep by 1:30. He then woke up at 5:15 and we tried until about 5:40 to get him to go back to sleep in his bed. We gave up and brought him to bed with us and were able to get him to sleep from 5:50 to 8 without any milk. I know we are probably kicking ourselves in the foot by bringing him to bed with us, but that’s the toughest time for us. We still didn’t give in to nursing so that part’s a victory!

Overall, I am so excited to have a break. I have been nursing the kid through the night for 14 months! Even if I have to go comfort him, not nursing is a HUGE relief. It was actually getting a little emotionally overwhelming for awhile and now it makes nursing during the day that much better.

To read the first part of our night weaning adventure click here. Nights 1-3 are here. Nights 8 and Beyond are here.


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