Night weaning nights 1-3

The first three nights are done!

The plan was to focus on 11pm – 6am. We were to put him to bed like we always do and then between 11 and 6 I could only nurse him for a minute or two. The goal was to make sure he was still awake when I put him back down.

Wed Night – Night 1: After taking over an hour to put down, he slept all night. Yet further proof that he doesn’t need to be eating all night long. It may be cheating, but I counted that as the first night.

Thurs Night – Night 2: He took almost an hour to get down again, but when he did he slept straight through to 4am. Damien had to go to work Friday so I was still sort of debating whether I should actually commit or not. At 4, we changed his diaper and then I fed him but not for very long. He went right back to sleep so I have a feeling I might have nursed him too long. He woke up again at 5:30 because of hubby’s alarm so I brought him to bed with me. Since it wasn’t 6 yet, I only let him nurse for a second and then I was able to cuddle him back to sleep. He actually slept until 9am!

Fri Night – Night 3: He went to sleep much easier so I felt like we were going to be in for it. He woke up at midnight and even with only a little nursing went to sleep pretty easily. I think he realized what we’d done, because he woke up again at 1. I nursed him and laid him back down and he wasn’t a happy camper. I tried to comfort him but I think me being there just made him more upset. Damien took over and even though it felt like forever it only took 10 minutes to get him to fall asleep. And then he woke up just a few short minutes later. The rule is you can nurse them as long as they actually fell asleep in between. Damien said he was definitely asleep, so I nursed him for a second and then I was able to get him to go to sleep in my arms. The whole encounter wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. He woke up again at 4 and needed some comforting but it was more of his “I need you to be next to me” cry, not his “Where’s my milk?” cry. He woke up for the day at 7.

Night 3 was obviously our first real taste at having to get him to go back to sleep but it went way better than I thought it would. The next three nights are no milk at all between 11-6 and I have a feeling they are going to be a lot tougher. I’m just glad we’re finally doing it. He needs the sleep as much as we do!

Here’s the rest of our story:

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