Pinching Pennies

We’ve never been a fan of Verizon – or our outrageously priced phone plan – but Damien must have a smartphone for work and after upgrading several years ago downgrading my own phone wasn’t something I was really willing to do. However, as we are evaluating our budget, something needs to change.

In comes They are a Sprint MVNO (similar to Boost mobile or Virgin mobile). Thankfully though, they are not a prepaid plan, they are an a-la-carte provider with amazing prices! You pick which category you think you’ll fall under and at the end of the month they adjust you automatically. No crazy overages – just a different category. If you use less, they bump you down, if you use more, they bump you up. Throughout the month, the website tells you immediately what your usage is so you can keep tabs on which category you are in.

We saved $100 our first month! It is so exciting to be saving money with absolutely no change in our service. There are potentially a few cons. You have to pay a little more for the phones (but you save it in just a few months) and there are no mobile to mobile minutes or night/weekend minutes. You have to make sure you factor in ALL of the minutes you use, but it should still come out way cheaper than any mainstream company.

On top of saving so much money on our phones we have officially started following Dave Ramsey’s budgeting and baby steps. We started his Financial Peace University and we are so excited for the changes that we are already implementing. For the first time, we’re actually budgeting out every penny and it almost seems as if there are way more pennies to go around. It will be so exciting to pay off our car and then start saving for college. I realistically never thought we’d actually be able to save for his (their) college and now not only do I have hope, but I can see it happening in the not too distant future.

I am so thankful that these things are happening as our kiddos are so young and while we have so much time to fix the stuff we’ve messed up. No matter your age though, taking control of your money situation is more than possible.


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4 responses to “Pinching Pennies

  • Jessica Howard (@quirkybookworm)

    Very true! A few people gave us cash when Eleanor was born, and I started a college fund for her with it. We add $30 a month, which even if it never earns interest should be a little over $6000 when she graduates high school. But hopefully it’ll be worth a fair bit more!

    We definitely won’t be able to totally pay her way through college, but I’m excited we’ll be able to contribute something. I think I got a grand total of about $100 toward college from my parents, so it’s nice to be in a position to do more. 🙂

    As for the phone thing, I really need to look into that!

    • onetechmom

      That’s awesome that you guys are saving for her! One suggestion to help it earn a little more is a money market account. They generally earn way better than what you’d get from the bank. Also, in all of your library travels, check out Dave’s Total Money Makeover and just read the section on saving for college (although, it’s all a great read). He suggests where to put it so it safely earns a bunch of money.

  • Stephy R

    We were thinking about switching our phones to something like that. (Hence the reason I keep trading my phone in on insurance vs just upgrading and being stuck w/Verizon another 2 yrs). Thanks so much for sharing how well it worked for you!

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