Night Weaning

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, but parenthood seems to be like that. Ups and downs.

Our little man is almost 14 months old and little boy number 2 is half way here! We are so excited to be the parents of a second little boy, but I have to admit, I’m still pretty scared of having two. I know it will be great and I can’t wait to see what this baby is going to be like, but it is all a little daunting. We have to clear out our office so Caleb can have his own big boy room. That in itself is just crazy.

As we prepare for the new baby, one thing we have to tackle is night weaning. Boogie still nurses all the time and I’m a-ok with that; however, nursing two little ones throughout the night is just not an option. We have to get C to give me some peace at night. Overall, he’s been a great sleeper. For the last several months he only woke up once, maybe twice. It was pretty easy to handle and he was easy to get back to sleep. Lately though, I’m not sure what is going on. When he started getting tooth number 7, he had some pretty terrible nights in a row. He’d wake up every 2-3 hours or even more. Then he’d sleep straight through the night for a day or two. And then back to 2-3 hours. I think he’s just been thrown off. In the last few weeks he has started waking up so often, it’s starting to wear us out. Not only are we tired, but he needs more sleep too!

The solution: night weaning! I don’t want him to stop nursing, but he has to stop at night for all of our sakes. One of the bloggers I read tried Dr. Jay Gordon’s plan and she had great success. I think it seems very reasonable and it lets us comfort C through the whole process. It takes 9 days to set up and usually the first few days are the worst. We are going to start next weekend so Damien doesn’t have to go to work with no sleep (at least we hope).

We would appreciate any prayers for the next week, because I think we’re going to need them! I’ll update everyone as we actually start.

To read the rest of our night weaning adventure, click below:

Nights 1-3

Nights 4-7

Nights 8 and Beyond


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