Elimination Communication

I’ve had the opportunity to go to China twice and one thing always fascinated me. I can’t recall seeing even one diaper even though I saw tons of babies. I just could not fathom how all these moms and dads were not constantly covered in baby mess! On one of the trips I even had the chance to visit a baby boutique where all the little pants had open crotches and we thought they were crazy. The ladies in the store looked at us like WE were crazy for being fascinated by the pants.

Fast forward a few years and I have my own little munchkin. Since I cloth diaper and breastfeed, the blogs I read tend to get hippie-er and hippie-er. A few weeks ago I ran across an article about elimination communication and I had one of those light bulb moments. THAT’S how parents in China did it.

Babies naturally don’t like to soil themselves (even animals don’t go where they sleep) and that’s why little boys are so infamous for spraying their new parents. It’s not because it’s cold, it’s because they are waiting for you to take the diaper off so they don’t make a mess of themselves. This makes sense especially since after a few weeks babies stop going when you change them.

Since reading that article about 3 weeks ago, I decided to start trying to pay more attention to Bubba. Poop is pretty easy to spot – most parents know when their little one is going. And pee isn’t too tough. Most babies go right when they wake up and after they eat. Other times I’ve just been timing it, but sometimes he will start to fuss and he has to go. In the few weeks I’ve been paying closer attention I have only missed one or two poops. He will actually try to hold his poop until I can put him on the potty. Who would want to have to sit in that? I’ve even noticed that if I take him for a walk or go out with him in the sling he will hold it until we get home. A few times it’s been about 2 hours, but when I get home I put him right on the potty and he goes!

I know I’m a little crazy and I’m ok with that. It has been amazing to realize that my 6 month old definitely prefers to use the potty. If I put him on it and he doesn’t have to go he fusses. If he does have to go, he sits there calmly. The best part is I try to be very low key about it. If we go out for a while or I’m just not in sync with him I just change his diaper like normal. It’s no added stress and it’s fun to not have to change poopy diapers!

For more info go to Diaper Free Baby.


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